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Annie and Gabe

Rachel was just simply amazing! :) She helped to make sure everything ran smoothly from the rehearsal to the wedding ceremony and reception, allowing us to have a wonderful time and enjoy the moment. We couldn't have imaged it without her. Thank you Rachel!!!!


My daughter's wedding was so beautifully executed... don't know what we would have done without Rachel! She is an amazing consultant and worked to get us the best vendors for the best price and her attendtion to detail was amazing (I'm a bit of a control freak)... as a mother-of-the-bride, I would HIGHLY recommend Rachel Reeves Events! Thank you Rachel! You're the best!

Sharon, mother of the bride

Emily and Gilbert

You would be wise to hire Rachel as your event coordinator. She takes every detail into consideration and goes the extra mile to serve all involved, leaving you to focus on the purpose and experience of the event! I highly recommend her and her business!

Laura, mother of the groom

Sarah and Matt

I would recommend Rachel to every bride who is getting married. She is so professional and is on the ball with EVERY detail. She was more than willing to help me with anything and everything my husband and I needed. She even called us the day after the wedding to make sure that everything went well. She is prompt, organized, and a delight to work with. I can promise you that you will be in good hands with Rachel.


Valerie and Doug

What I have appreciated about you while watching you with people is that not only are you highly organized you are also very calming. You have a way with people that is soothing... you are a great problem solver.


Rachel brings all the necessary ingredients for the making of a memorable wedding day... professional attention to details, great connection with people and is able to capture the vision of this special day and brings it together for the bride and groom every time! What more could one ask for? I have been officiating at weddings for almost 30 years and would place Rachel on my "A" list of most highly recommended wedding planners.


Christina and Kirk

If there is ever a day when you want to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, it's your wedding. Not only did Rachel and Rachel Reeves Events meet, but they exceeded my very high expectations. Rachel is assertive, diligent, organized, detailed, and took care of everything! I couldn't have been happier as to how that day went and I know a huge part of that was due to Rachel!


Becca and Brandon

Rachel was amazing. Detailed, professional, and a ton of fun. She helped make our wedding day the joyous and memorable celebration that it was.


Jennifer and Chris

When it came to my wedding day, I had no idea what to expect. So many things could go wrong! Rachel was a lifesaver in many ways. She was never more than an earshot away from where I was and was willing to do anything to make our day go as smooth as possible. If you want a wedding coordinator that is personable, reliable, compassionate, and diligent then I highly recommend Rachel's services.


Rachel was incredible! During the few days of wedding chaos, you need someone who is calm and controlled, who you can look to for confidence and clarity. Rachel brought to the wedding the leadership and organization that it needed to go smoothly for us so we could relax and breathe easier on our hectic day. Rachel was meticulous and yet understanding of all the emotions that were coming to the table from family, friends, and yes, my bride and I. She was able to handle that like a feather on the wind serving us in the exact way the moment required.


Brie and Daniel

Rachel is a remarkable wedding coordinator. She has a unique gift for bringing order and peace to chaos with grace and tact. She is incredibly organized with an unprecedented heart to serve the wedding couple and create the day that they dream for.


What a great job you did in Brie's wedding! Your poise and grace attended to each detail and made the day run smoothly and peacefully! I wanted to thank you for all you put your hand to on Brie and Daniel's behalf. My heart is full of gratitude and thanks!

Mavourneen, mother of the bride

Rachelle and Aaron

Thank you so much for making everything go so perfectly. Your calm and soothing spirit made me feel so much better on the big day! You are awesome at what you do!


Rachel, thank you for all your help. You made things run smoothly!

Debbie, mother of the bride

God has blessed Rachel with the gift of being able to take control of practically any situation in a grace filled and tactful way. This is a tremendous asset and serves her well in all of the work that she does, both personally and professionally. Any bride-to-be would benefit tremendously by including Rachel in their wedding plans!

Gina, matron of honour